June 9, 2011

since everyone and their moms are having babies,

everyone and their moms should check out this new family lifestyle blog!


all the cutie patootie things you want

for you and your little ones.

launched by my friend, irene, and her amiga(s).

so excited for you!


two winners.

June 9, 2011

because i just couldn’t choose between the only two gals who participated in the giveaway!

yea, i’m weak like that.

no, maybe i’m just nice like that. shooooot.

since i have two books, i decided to do a coin toss and give one to each gal.

and here they are with the love of their lives (and their haikus. hehe).

congrats ladies!

benny & hal

our love is so deep

we laugh and cry together

i fart and he burps

haemin & mark

we sing, play, laugh, eat

but our favorite thing is

the Lord of the Rings


get ready for an adventure of a lifetime! all the lovin’ and fightin’ you want plus a side of some crazy kids.

may your journeys be blessed.



a working closet.

June 2, 2011

i’m just a tshirt and jeans kinda gal.

i will choose comfort over cracked out on thongs and heels any day.

but if you looked in my closet, you’d be sad.

tanks in all shades, tshirts in the same shape and cut, hand me down jeans (since i can’t fit into my pre-preggo ones), 3 skirts, and maybe a handful of unique/cutsie/girlie items.

and i can’t really define my style. casual? boho (not chic)? boring?

pre-kid, i walked into my closet and just stood there with a blank face and a sigh.

post-kid, i walk into my closet angry.


my ass is out to california, my arms are waving hello, and my gut wants to drop to the floor.

i have clothes. i go shopping. but i have nothing to wear. ugh!

and i’m just horrible at mixing, matching, layering, accessorizing, etc.

i look at style magazines and display dummies with a big fat question mark.

so anyway. i made a new friend, kendi. she doesn’t know me and i stalk her. because she inspires me.

she came up with this challenge called the 30 for 30 remix. you basically take 30 items that you already have in your closet and remix them to make 30 new outfits.

the purpose of her blog is to help women (and men) create a working closet so that you don’t feel like you’re drowning in a closet full of nothing. she also walks you through a 5 step process (purging, assessing, organizing, shopping, remixing) to help you create this style haven.

she’s done a remix for every season, but i especially love her fall and winter ones:



so i decided to take up this challenge. why?

because i think to a certain extent a woman’s appearance does define who she is. it affects her mood, her attitidue, her drive, her perception of herself. it affects how others perceive her.

and it’s not entirely a bad thing. to match the outside with the inside.

and it doesn’t have to be as superficial as people judge it to be.

now, i’m not saying that you have to dress like you walked out of a magazine everyday. it can still be tshirt and jeans. but be more mindful. creative. and most importantly, be you.

i’m tired of feeling like a frumpy mom.

it’s time for a change.

thanks kendi.


May 31, 2011

for all you hand-me-down haters, thift stores ain’t so bad.

if you dig around enough, you’ll come across some gems for SUPER DUPER CHEAP.

today, i had an itch to go to my local treasure trove and i walked out the door with 2 button downs ($4 each), 2 skirts ($6 each), 2 belts ($1.50 each) and…

3 books (fiddy cents each!!!!!)…


book numero uno:

this book is a must have for the budget bride! the authors have listed, reviewed, and rated hundreds of bridal resources/businesses and give you tons of tips on how to cut the wedding bill so you can swim around in all the money you saved at your honeymoon.

i have the same copy and i think i paid a discounted price (retail $14.95) for it on amazon, but shoot, for fiddy cents??? now, that’s a steal! and YOU CAN GET IT FOR FREEEEEE from MEEEEE. =)

book numero dos:

my first time coming across this book (retail $12.95). it got 3 out of 5 stars from amazon by 8 reviewers so guess that’s not too shabby. the book is pretty straight forward – it gives you 150 tips on wedding etiquette and on how to save money.

btw, both books are copyright 2009 and are in LIKE NEW condition!


very simple.

1. you must be engaged. that means your dude “shoulda put a ring on it!” ok corny. sorry. EDIT: OK FINE! i was quick to announce the rules without considering the fact that i have like 10 readers and 1 is engaged and 1 is almost engaged. so that wouldn’t make a fun giveaway. HAHA. so i’ll extend this to all ladies in serious relationships who are on the road to wedded bliss, but don’t have the bling yet. ok, so ready, set, EMAIL ME!

2. submit a picture of you and your fiance/significant other – one that really captures the essence of who you are as a couple. for example:

3. submit a haiku describing your relationship.

4. please email shinaie@gmail.com

5. deadline is next wednesday, june 8th!

may the most creative and inspiring couple win! (sorry, no hat draw)

pass the info along to your amigas!


May 30, 2011

like many of you ladies, i was also looking forward to the unveiling of the anthropologie wedding collection – www.blhdn.com

but to be honest, i wasn’t very impressed with the whole collection. i just felt like some of the dresses were over-designed, cheap-looking, and WAY overpriced.

i actually like this one:

BUT, C’MON NOW! $1,400???

for 1/3 the cost ($495), you can purchase a similar dress at jcrew! all you need is a satin sash. you probably can find it cheaper used.

i have to say, though, that i do love anthro’s lingerie


and hair accessories:



May 30, 2011

i hate making excuses. but i’m going to make one anyway.


so it’s been almost 4 months since my last post and i gotta say.

MAN! i am one lazy ass! well lazy, uninspired ass. wait…lazy, uninspired, caught up in mommyworld ass.

yea, when you’re home with your kid 99% of the time, life of a stay-at-home mom becomes pretty mundane. dang, is it just me? and most of the time, you just don’t feel up for anything, let alone updating a blog everyday. all i really look forward to is an accident-free, fuss-limited day…with at least 2 uninterrupted naps so i can eat, poop, and shower among other exciting stay-at-home mom activities.

i know. i complain a lot about being a mom. SIGH.

ok tell me to shut up, please. thank you.

anyway, thanks younghae, for nudging me to update!

not much has happened since my last post, except the fact that LEO TURNED ONE.


here are a few pictures courtesy of my amazing friend, mihae (whoah, woman YOU need to update!), who was also our engagement and wedding photog. talk about full circle. she’s also an obgyn. only if she delivered leo, too…now THAT would’ve been full circle. HAHA.


February 6, 2011

you wouldn’t think these “A’s” could do the job, but they were able to produce enough milk for leo for 8 months.

i am proud of them.

hee hee.

remember ladies. your breast size has nothing to do with its ability to produce milk or the amount it produces. they dont have to blow up into watermelons. it’s a supply and demand thing. as long as your baby is drinking it up, your breasts will produce enough milk to feed the hungry monster. so take heart all you A’s and B’s – you can do it!


you wouldn’t think these “A’s” could sag either.


they’re not as perky.

oh well. that’s what push-ups are for.

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